Whether you call us The Flower Collective or TFC, we mean quality. Using vigorous containment standards and integrated environmental management systems, we are able to bring the cleanest, most consistent third party-verified products to Colorado's recreational consumers.



All of our products are grown in Nederland, Colorado and crafted using the snowmelt that flows down from the eastern slope of the Indian Peaks Wilderness. Our extensive water recirculation infrastructure allows us to reuse this snowmelt, minimizing our impact on the local watershed.



We circulate our soil using a proprietary process that cuts soil waste by more than 50%. By amending the soil with local Colorado ingredients, such as expertly raised vermi-compost from Fort Collins, we reduce our footprint and support small businesses like our own.



The Flower Collective facility is located more than 8000 feet above sea level. The low average annual temperature at this altitude saves electricity by allowing us to cool passively for more than half the year.




This hybrid is being grown for the first time in our facility. Typically, it is characterized by earthy, woody pine flavors. As soon as our Hemlock is harvested and cured we will know more about its specific characteristics.

Sour Star

This cross of Sour Diesel and Sensi Star has a peppery balsamwood and glue odor that grabs the nostrils immediately upon inspection. With densely clustered trichomes, our Sour Star has tested at 28.6% THC – a little of this spicy hybrid goes a long way.


One of our more productive strains, Incredible Hulk grows large, forest green buds with trichomes that sparkle under light. Characterized by a blend of earthy blueberry and citrus scents, this sativa is aptly described by its strain name – it’s incredible.

Blue Dream

With a sweet berry aroma reminiscent of its Blueberry lineage and a high THC content, this sativa-dominant hybrid is extremely popular. Our Blue Dream will entice the consumer with its pungent flavor profile and satisfy with its potency – ours has tested at 25.3% THC.

Orange Jack

A personal favorite of The Flower Collective, Orange Jack stands out because of its bright green leaves and the fine orange threads of its pistils. Its strong herbaceous and earthy aroma of clementine is not easily forgotten, even after toking.


This indica-dominant hybrid, a cross of L.A. Confidential and Grand Daddy Purple, is being grown for the first time in our facility. Typically, it is characterized by dense buds that turn purple at the end. As soon as our Godfather is harvested and cured we will know more about its specific characteristics.

Sour Diesel

This classic Sativa dominant strain, popularized in the early 90’s, is the brainchild of master growers. It’s a cross of Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk. It’s name stems from its gasoline-like (Diesel) aroma.  This is a great flower to be used on days to jump-start neuroplasticity and get those synapses firing on full blast.


Mammoth grows remarkably uniform, ovular buds that are covered in orange pistils. With a fresh and resinous piney scent, this strain will remind you of a walk in the woods after a light rain.

Island Sweet Skunk

This sativa is being grown for the first time in our facility. Typically, it is characterized by tropical fruit flavors and a grapefruity aroma. As soon as our Island Sweet Skunk is harvested, cured, and tested we will know more about its specific characteristics.


Top Cola Flower

To produce the finest quality cannabis, we use soil, teas, and time to ensure that only top colas are sold as flower. All TFC flower is sustainably grown using recirculated water and soil, high efficiency lighting, and low impact HVAC.

Bubble Hash

Our Hash is solvent-less by nature, providing a smooth, tasty, terpene rich toke unique to each strain.

Using Indian Peaks snowmelt we hand agitate small batches of un-ground flower and ice water. This unique blonde hash exemplifies the terroir of each strain and the region.

Feminized Seeds

At TFC we believe that like the home brewer, the home grower deserves quality flower to share with friends and family. The state of Colorado allows an individual to cultivate 6 plants – it would be a shame to waste your plant count on males! Our seeds are feminized without selfing, using modern breeding techniques to ensure a seed with two X-chromosomes and no hermaphroditic traits.


The cuttings from our various strains grown in-house are hand-selected for rooting potential. We use compressed damp soil as a rooting medium to ensure that there is minimal transplant shock for soil-based growers. These soil cubes eliminate much of the waste traditionally associated with cloning cannabis.


At TFC quality is our standard – we take great care in every step of the growing process to ensure that we offer the most consistent products available. Located in the glacier-formed basin of Nederland, Colorado, our high-efficiency, low-waste facility allows us to provide our customers with ethically produced soil-grown cannabis year-round. We believe that using soil creates more flavor in the flower, and as such we focus on soil’s relationship to terpene content. With the same detailed attention paid to our clones, bubble hash and seeds, we are proud to help define craft cannabis.


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