Whether you call us The Flower Collective or TFC, we mean quality. Using vigorous containment standards and integrated environmental management systems, we are able to bring the cleanest, most consistent products to Colorado’s recreational tokers.



Our products are grown using snowmelt that flows down from the Indian Peaks Wilderness. Our water circulation infrastructure allows us to reuse much of this snowmelt, minimizing our impact on the watershed and saving some for the trout.



Cannabis has been grown all over the world, from the coastal hills of Durban to high valleys of the Hindu Kush. Given Nederland’s history and geography we like to think we’re growing in the Hindu Kush of the West.



We take cues from Nederland’s rich cannabis culture and source ingredients local to Colorado, like expertly raised worm-castings from Fort Collins. This reduces our footprint and supports small businesses like our own.



White Nightmare

Quite possibly the most interesting cross of Blue Dream we’ve come across.  The White Nightmare grows dense buds with an alcoholic, berry aroma.  We just harvested this strain for the first time.  Once cured we will know its true characteristics.


Berries highlight a sharp floral aroma with hashy undertones.  This hybrid is exuberant and uplifting; you’ll be surprised you’re not smoking a pure Sativa.

Sour Star

This cross of Sour Diesel and Sensi Star has a peppery balsamwood and glue odor that grabs the nostrils immediately upon inspection. With densely clustered trichomes, our Sour Star has tested at 28.6% THC – a little of this spicy hybrid goes a long way.

Goji OG

Goji OG is a cross between Nepali OG and Snow Lotus.  The flavor has been described as cherry like with hints of licorice. We have just harvested this strain for the first time in our facility.  Once it is finished curing we will know more about its specific characteristics.

Bear Dance

Tropical fruit musk gives way to a piney backdrop of smells.  You may find this party pleaser hard to share.

Grape Ape

Has deep Indica roots stemming from a cross of  Mendocino Purps, Skunk and Afghani.  This heady Indica has an especially fruity aroma with undertones of must from the skunk. This is an after-work relaxing smoke. Make sure you find a comfy spot before sparking this one up!

Sour Joker

This Sativa is a cross of Amnesia Haze and East Coast Sour Diesel.  Once we harvest and cure this strain we will know more about its specific characteristics.

Orange Jack

A personal favorite of The Flower Collective, Orange Jack stands out because of its bright green leaves and the fine orange threads of its pistils. Its strong herbaceous and earthy aroma of clementine is not easily forgotten, even after toking.


This Indica is as close to land race as they come.  We took our time in sourcing the closest to original Afghani genetics available.  As soon as we harvest the Afghani we will know more about its characteristics and deviation from original Afghani roots.


Bubble Joint™

A joint made up of five parts Flower and one part Bubble Hash. Weighing in at .7g, this will blitz the most discerning solo tokers and entertain a party of vacationers.


Our plants are grown in soil using simple ingredients, flushed to maturity, harvested, dried, hand-trimmed then cured. Only the top colas of each plant are reserved as Flower. If it were as easy as it sounds, we’d all be out of a job.

Bubble Hash

Sought-after for its rarity and tradition. Our full melt is solventless in nature, providing a smooth, terpene-rich toke that exemplifies the flavor diversity of each strain and the history of the region.


During the vegetative stage of a plant’s life it may get the opportunity to be a mom! We place cuttings in a compressed soil medium to ensure minimal transplant shock and eliminate waste. Every clone is guaranteed to come rooted, pest- and mold-free.


We are a collective of growers and tokers who have come together to create unique products rooted in the traditions and techniques of our region. Grown in soil with simple ingredients, our Flower and Bubble Hash are rolled into Bubble Joints. All our products are solventless by nature, ensuring our Bubble Joints, Bubble Hash and Flower are rich in terpenes.

Born out of the glacier-formed basin of Nederland, Colorado, TFC is proud to help define craft cannabis.


Silver Stem


The Farm


Verts Neighborhood Dispensary

Alpine Wellness

Trinidad’s Higher Calling U

Willies Reserve

Tenderfoot Health Collective

Roots Rx

Rocky Mountain Remedies

Rocky Road Remedies

Rocky Mountain Cannabis

Natures Medicine Salida

Faragosi Farms

Animas Herbal

Solace Meds

Altitude Organic

Bud Hut


Colorado Grow Company

Good Earth Meds

Stash Aspen


Ace’s Place

MMJ America

Urban Dispensary

Helping Hands Herbals

Frosted Leaf

Elite Organics



Growhouse - Nederland

Nederland, Colorado, 80466

Silverstem Cannabis - Nederland

1 W 1st St. Unit 1D | Nederland, Colorado, 80466

Silverstem Cannabis - Denver (South West)

3700 W Quincy Ave | Denver, Colorado, 80236

Silverstem Cannabis - Fraser - Winter Park

511 Zerex St #203 | Fraser, Colorado, 80442

Silverstem Cannabis - Denver (East)

8151 E Colfax Ave | Denver, Colorado, 80220

MMJ America - Boulder

1909 Broadway St. | Boulder, Colorado, 80302

MMJ America - Denver (Downtown)

2042 Arapahoe Street | Denver, Colorado, 80205

MMJ America - Denver (Sheridan)

5201 W. 48th Street | Denver, Colorado, 80212

Urban - Denver

2675 W. 38th Ave | Denver, Colorado, 80211

Frosted Leaf - Denver (Cherry Creek)

399 S. Harrison Street | Denver, Co, 80209

Frosted Leaf - Federal

445 Federal Blvd. | Denver, Colorado, 80204

Helping Hands Herbals - Boulder

1021 Pearl Street | Boulder, Colorado, 80302

Trill - Boulder

1537 Pearl St, Unit B | Boulder, Colorado, 80302

Trill - Denver

5550 Joliet St | Denver, Colorado, 80239

The Station - Boulder

3005 28th Street | Boulder, Colorado, 80301

Verts Neighborhood Dispensary - Fort Collins

1240 W. Elizabeth St, Suite C | Fort Collins, Colorado, 80521

Solace Meds - Fort Collins

301 Smokey Street, Suite A | Fort Collins, Colorado, 80525

Animas Herbal - Durango
Natures Medicine - Salida

230 West 16th Street | Salida, Colorado, 81201

Colorado Grow Company - Durango

965 1/2 Main Street | Durango, Colorado, 81301

Rocky Mountain Cannabis - Ridgeway

112 Village Square West, Suite #110 | Ridgeway, Colorado, 81427

Rocky Mountain Remedies - Steamboat Springs

2730 Downhill Plaza Unit #106 | Steamboat Springs, Colorado, 80487

Trinidad's Higher Calling U - Trinidad

1000 Independence Rd | Trinidad, CO, 81082

Alpine Wellness - Telluride

300 W. Colorado Ave Suite #2C | Telluride, Colorado, 81435

Canna Company - Trinidad

3019 Toupal Drive | Trinidad, Colorado, 81082

Elite Organics - Fort Collins

1101 Academy Court, Unit #4 | Fort Collins, Colorado, 80524

Frosted Leaf - Colfax

P.O. Box 497 | Denver, Colorado, 80466

Rocky Road Remedies - Aurora

1712 S, Chambers Road | Aurora, Colorado, 80017

Tenderfoot Health Collective - Salida

840 Oak St | Salida, Colorado, 81201

Stash - Aspen

710 East Durant Ave | Aspen, Colorado, 81611

The Honey Cellar - Boulder

5290 Arapahoe Ave. | Boulder, Colorado, 80303

Good Earth Meds - Pagosa Springs

600 Cloman Blvd. Suite #1 | Pagosa Springs, Colorado, 81147

Faragosi Farms - Trinidad

118 Santa Fe Trail | Trinidad, Colorado, 81082

Altitude Organic - Dillon

817 Little Beaver Trail | Dillon, Colorado, 80435

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