By growing what we’re rolling and championing technique over technology we are able to craft naturally potent joints and blunts with unrivaled quality.



Our products are grown using snowmelt that flows down from the Indian Peaks Wilderness. Our water circulation infrastructure allows us to re-use much of this snowmelt, minimizing our impact on the watershed and saving some for the trout.



Cannabis has been grown all over the world, from the coastal hills of Durban to high valleys of the Hindu Kush. Given Nederland’s history and geography we like to think we’re growing in the Hindu Kush of the West.



We sell clones from our year round nursery, send us your license and we’ll send you a current menu.



Bubble Joint™

A joint made up of five parts Flower and one part Bubble Hash. Weighing in at .7g, this will blitz the most discerning solo tokers and entertain a party of vacationers.

Bubble Blunt™

TFC Bubble Blunts capture the essence of each cannabis strain.  We start with soil grown flower rich in terpenes and strain-specific bubble hash blended at a 5:1 ratio.  The blend is then loaded into hemp leaf wraps and hand-inspected for consistency, ensuring a smooth and potent toke.


White Nightmare

Quite possibly the most interesting cross of Blue Dream we’ve come across.  The White Nightmare grows dense buds with an alcoholic, berry aroma.  We just harvested this strain for the first time.  Once cured we will know its true characteristics.


Berries highlight a sharp floral aroma with hashy undertones.  This hybrid is exuberant and uplifting; you’ll be surprised you’re not smoking a pure Sativa.

Sour Star

This cross of Sour Diesel and Sensi Star has a peppery balsamwood and glue odor that grabs the nostrils immediately upon inspection. With densely clustered trichomes, our Sour Star has tested at 28.6% THC – a little of this spicy hybrid goes a long way.

Goji OG

Cherry wood and licorice highlight a sharp Goji berry and floral aroma.  Upon toking, you will have an urge to perfect all of your hobbies at one time.

Bear Dance

Tropical fruit musk gives way to a piney backdrop of smells.  You may find this party pleaser hard to share.

Grape Ape

With deep Indica roots, this fruity skunk will help facilitate couch time with your favorite pet.

Sour Joker

Citrus and earthy with diesel notes.  This will help you plan your next fishing trip to the moon.

Orange Jack

Its strong herbaceous and earthy aroma of clementine is not easily forgotten, even after toking.


Smelling of sweet pine wood, this Indica is as close to land race as they come.  We took our time in sourcing the closest to original Afghani genetics available.


We are a collective of growers and tokers who have come together to create Bubble Joints™ and Bubble Blunts™ rooted in the traditions and techniques of our region.  Grown in soil, we offer a rotating lineup of our house harvested flower and hand crafted bubble hash rolled into all TFC tokeables.

Born out of the glacier-formed basin of Nederland, Colorado, TFC is proud to help define craft cannabis.